Random Art Stuff + Week of Deals!

Hello all!

Man this working full time really kills my social media skillz.

Today I have some paintings that I completed in my spare weekends! I will discuss them more below each individually.

In other news, this week Society6 is having a “week of deals.” The week starts tomorrow (Monday, March 9) through March 14. The first day is 20% off Throw Pillows, for the other days, check back to my Facebook Page or my Tumblr Page.  Share with your friends!

Thanks for looking! Art below!


Red Dragon
This is what happens when I get bored. Acrylic and Gouache and Inks. Mostly red, blue, and black inks. 9×12 watercolour paper. Available in my shop: http://www.society6.com/lydiajoypalmer
Thorin Oakanshield
favourite pretty dwarf aaayyyy. Black ink on mixed media paper.
Got bored. Wanted to work with Gouache. Flying horses happened. Gouache paint on mixed media paper.
This was a fast sharpie doodle that I decided to do up nice. Red and Black inks on 9×12 Mixed Media paper.

A Slight Hobbit Obsession + Free Shipping Promotion!

Hello all! Sorry for the lack of updates, working full time doesn’t leave a lot of art time. There should be a new dragon painting soon!
In the meantime, there is another promotion on my Society6 page! Free Shipping until February 8! Click this link to get the promotion:http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer?promo=9PQQRNXRQXDJ

Here is a pile of Hobbit fanart that I have done over the last few weeks! I will talk a bit about them below the pictures!


Galadriel from The Hobbit, done with Watercolours, Inks and white Acrylic paint.
Galadriel from The Hobbit, done with Watercolours, Inks and white Acrylic paint.
Ringwraith and Hobbits, done with inks and watercolours
Ringwraith and Hobbits, done with inks and watercolours
Smaug the Dragon from The Hobbit,  Black, Red, and Gold inks with some watercolours.
Smaug the Dragon from The Hobbit, Black, Red, and Gold inks with some watercolours.
Bag End, watercolours and ink pens.
Bag End, watercolours and ink pens.
Bilbo Baggins, ink pen
Bilbo Baggins, ink pen
Thranduil, inks
Thranduil, inks
Legolas <3 ink pen
Thranduil, Ink pen
Thranduil, Ink pen
Bilbo Baggins, watercolours
Bilbo Baggins, watercolours
Free Shipping! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer?promo=9PQQRNXRQXDJ
Free Shipping!

King Under the Mountain

Oh this poor neglected blog. Sorry WordPress but Tumblr and Facebook are just sooo much easier to update!

Anyway, here is another Hobbit painting I finished a little while ago! This one is acrylic paint on canvas board. I really like how this one turned out, so he is custom framed and hanging on my wall! I forgot how much of a pain mountains are….landscapes are not my strongest area. At least trees and fur are fun!

Thank you for looking! Check out this piece on my society6 page, he looks really good on a phone!

The finished piece!
The finished piece!
Initial sketch..
Initial sketch..
blocking out colours
blocking out colours
Finished the tree part of the background!
Finished the tree part of the background!
FINALLY figured out that mountain
FINALLY figured out that mountain
The phone case on society6! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer
The phone case on society6!
Tote bag on society6! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer
Tote bag on society6! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer

Back Again – Oil Painting inspired by The Hobbit

Hello again!

Sorry about the lack of updates, I am constantly posting work on my Instagram and Facebook page if you want more regular updates!

I am getting as much Hobbit art in as a I can before the last movie comes out and kills me. Below I have posted my “work in progress” photos, as well as the finished piece and a couple detail shots. Thank you for looking!

Available in my society6 shop on various bags, shirts, phone cases, etc. I have a lot of pieces available in my shop, order soon to get some Christmas shopping finished!



Initial sketch


Crappy under colours!


Putting in better colours…


more details…


Detail photos! – Bilbo and his pipe


Detail photo – stony path


The finished piece! Feel free to full view to take it all in! Thank you for looking!

An Abundance of Geekery

Hello! Today I am just trying to catch up with all the artwork I have been creating lately but forget to post on this blog. I will post information on each piece directly below the images! Thank you for looking!


Dean Winchester from Supernatural – Gouache portrait. Gouache is fun to work with, I should use it more :)


Gandalf from Lord of the Rings – ink pens. Beards are fun, so is wood. And that hat oddly enough!


Castiel from Supernatural – Ink pen and brush. I can’t believe I forgot to post this one! I like this one :)


Maleficent – Ink and Calligraphy pen with watercolours. what a visually stunning movie <3


Rick from The Walking Dead – Ink pen, watercolour texture added digitally. That show is so gross but I am too invested in the characters to stop watching ugh.


Link and Skulltula from the Legend of Zelda video game – ink and calligraphy pen with watercolours. Sometimes I play video games…

tumblr_nc5nwpzRjl1rad7m8o1_500 tumblr_nc5nwpzRjl1rad7m8o2_500

More Castiel from Supernatural – Ink pen and brush. I created this in two sizes so I could sell one of the originals, the top one is 7x10in and the second one is 11x17in.


Rayquaza from Pokemon – ink pen and watercolours. I felt like drawing a pokemon and a friend recommended this one :)


Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings – ink pen and watercolours


Daryl from The Walking Dead – ink pen and brush, watercolour added digitally again.


Thranduil from The Hobbit – ink pens. Elf armour is soooooo gorgeous augh.

Flies and Spiders

Hello all!

Over the past couple days I completed some Hobbit fanart! I saw the movie 4 times and I had to get some art out of my system! I completed it on 11×14 mixed media paper, with calligraphy pen, black ink, and watercolours overtop. Spiderwebs are a lot of work. I have this piece available for sale up on my online shop! You can get this piece as a print, on shirts, bags, pillows, and more! Society6 also has art available on clocks!

Thank you for looking! More dragon art coming soon!


hobbit wip

works in progress from my Instagram

hobbit spiders ink

Final inks, pre-watercolour!

hobbit spidersall finished!


Bags in my shop!

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Thank you for looking! Lydia.