“I just finished a huge painting let’s do ANOTHER HUGE PAINTING”

Cause that is ALWAYS a good idea!

At least this time I painted with Acrylic, and did something a little less intense!

I got motivated a couple sundays ago, I did this whole thing in one day! This is a 16×20 board canvas, painted with acrylic paints. I have missed doing horses, so this was a lot of fun! Other than all that mane. Goodness.

I have posted the work-in-progress shots below (and I was “livestreaming” it on my facebook page as it happened) as well as the final piece with some detail shots!

Thanks for looking!

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Initial Sketch
Initial Sketch
fiy horses are orange and purple. And trees are kinda purple too.
fiy horses are orange and purple. And trees are kinda purple too.
filling in some grass. Not all of it. I'm not that crazy.
filling in some grass. Not all of it. I’m not that crazy.
Getting to fun stuff like NOSES!
Getting to fun stuff like NOSES!
slooooowly filling in all that mane. Apparently I AM that crazy...
slooooowly filling in all that mane. Apparently I AM that crazy…
Looks good to me!
Looks good to me!

Tyson Painting
Tyson Painting eyes Tyson Painting nose


Three Owls is Company


I FINALLY finished this painting! This puppy has been sitting on my desk for probably a couple years, and I have been poking at it and poking at it and I am finally calling it done!

Oil paint on a 16×20″ canvas board. It needs a frame because the canvas is slightly bowed from sitting on my desk all this time…

I made this available at my society6 shop, on mugs, bags, pillows, and more! 

Thank you for looking! More art coming soon!


three owl painting
Finished Piece!
three owl painting-detail1
Detail shots!
three owl painting-detail2
Detail shots!
Products available at my Society6 shop!


Snowy Juncos

I had a snow day so NO WORK WOOT! I took the time to work on embroidery, add some details to a dragon oil painting, and do this quick painting! Juncos are such a cute bird. Little grey bird orbs. This probably took me a couple hours from start to finish. Acrylic paint on 8×10 canvas board. Thanks for looking! More soon!

junco painting

King Under the Mountain

Oh this poor neglected blog. Sorry WordPress but Tumblr and Facebook are just sooo much easier to update!

Anyway, here is another Hobbit painting I finished a little while ago! This one is acrylic paint on canvas board. I really like how this one turned out, so he is custom framed and hanging on my wall! I forgot how much of a pain mountains are….landscapes are not my strongest area. At least trees and fur are fun!

Thank you for looking! Check out this piece on my society6 page, he looks really good on a phone!

The finished piece!
The finished piece!
Initial sketch..
Initial sketch..
blocking out colours
blocking out colours
Finished the tree part of the background!
Finished the tree part of the background!
FINALLY figured out that mountain
FINALLY figured out that mountain
The phone case on society6! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer
The phone case on society6!
Tote bag on society6! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer
Tote bag on society6! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer

Back Again – Oil Painting inspired by The Hobbit

Hello again!

Sorry about the lack of updates, I am constantly posting work on my Instagram and Facebook page if you want more regular updates!

I am getting as much Hobbit art in as a I can before the last movie comes out and kills me. Below I have posted my “work in progress” photos, as well as the finished piece and a couple detail shots. Thank you for looking!

Available in my society6 shop on various bags, shirts, phone cases, etc. I have a lot of pieces available in my shop, order soon to get some Christmas shopping finished!



Initial sketch


Crappy under colours!


Putting in better colours…


more details…


Detail photos! – Bilbo and his pipe


Detail photo – stony path


The finished piece! Feel free to full view to take it all in! Thank you for looking!

An Abundance of Geekery

Hello! Today I am just trying to catch up with all the artwork I have been creating lately but forget to post on this blog. I will post information on each piece directly below the images! Thank you for looking!


Dean Winchester from Supernatural – Gouache portrait. Gouache is fun to work with, I should use it more :)


Gandalf from Lord of the Rings – ink pens. Beards are fun, so is wood. And that hat oddly enough!


Castiel from Supernatural – Ink pen and brush. I can’t believe I forgot to post this one! I like this one :)


Maleficent – Ink and Calligraphy pen with watercolours. what a visually stunning movie <3


Rick from The Walking Dead – Ink pen, watercolour texture added digitally. That show is so gross but I am too invested in the characters to stop watching ugh.


Link and Skulltula from the Legend of Zelda video game – ink and calligraphy pen with watercolours. Sometimes I play video games…

tumblr_nc5nwpzRjl1rad7m8o1_500 tumblr_nc5nwpzRjl1rad7m8o2_500

More Castiel from Supernatural – Ink pen and brush. I created this in two sizes so I could sell one of the originals, the top one is 7x10in and the second one is 11x17in.


Rayquaza from Pokemon – ink pen and watercolours. I felt like drawing a pokemon and a friend recommended this one :)


Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings – ink pen and watercolours


Daryl from The Walking Dead – ink pen and brush, watercolour added digitally again.


Thranduil from The Hobbit – ink pens. Elf armour is soooooo gorgeous augh.

For the Birds + Free Shipping promotion!


I have been pretty busy lately, working on a lot of geeky pieces for some upcoming conventions, marathoning obscene amounts of How I Met Your Mother, and creating some nature/animal pieces for a Migration Festival! I will be sharing those pieces with you today. Finished 2 acrylic paintings and a Inking piece, shown below!

I also have new artwork in my shop!
Thranduil, Walking Dead, Winter Soldier, Joker, Legend of Zelda, and other prettiness available to purchase on a variety of objects! Thank you for looking!
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Examples below! Click the above link or the image below to get the free shipping promotion!

Shop examples
Click the image for the promotion!


Canada Goose – 9×12 mixed media paper, completed with ink pen.


Common Loon – 8×10 canvas, acrylic paint



Swimming in Green – 9×12 canvas, acrylic paint


Thank you for looking! More soon!