Three Owls is Company


I FINALLY finished this painting! This puppy has been sitting on my desk for probably a couple years, and I have been poking at it and poking at it and I am finally calling it done!

Oil paint on a 16×20″ canvas board. It needs a frame because the canvas is slightly bowed from sitting on my desk all this time…

I made this available at my society6 shop, on mugs, bags, pillows, and more! 

Thank you for looking! More art coming soon!


three owl painting
Finished Piece!
three owl painting-detail1
Detail shots!
three owl painting-detail2
Detail shots!
Products available at my Society6 shop!


Resident Owls


We still have Eastern Screech Owls living in our backyard! Usually they are hanging out in our Blue Spruce tree, but lately they have disappeared, which hopefully means they are sitting on eggs somewhere! This morning my Mom woke me at 6:30 to take photos of the owl hanging out in our birdbath! The only way I won’t mind getting up at 6:30 is for animals and photography! The owls are so cute, they don’t have much fear of us, and just stare at you when you get close. Thank you for looking!









Return of the Owls

Long time no post, sorry! Been busy with end of school year, and internship started this week as well. I don’t have as much time to get out with my camera, or draw. I have a few works in progress, so watch this space! Our owls came back the other night! We had a pair of them in our back tree! Hopefully they stick around and have little fluffy owlets over the summer! Here’s hoping! There are the only decent shots I got of them, as it was dark out when they came around. Thank you for looking!


IMG_1513 copy