A Plethora of Art


Today I am sharing a bunch of pieces that I have completed over the past few weeks. I tend to upload to just my Facebook or Tumblr and forget all about this poor blog!

I will put descriptions under each piece. Thank you for looking! Most pieces (and more!) are available at my shop!



Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus – Ink pens

legolas and gimli

Legolas and Gimli for Valentine’s Day :)

lava dragon

Lava Dragon – Acrylic painting

two dragons coloured

Two Dragons – ink pen and watercolours

gold dragon

Gold skull dragon – ink pen and watercolours

dragon bird

Winged Dragon – ink pen and blue ink. I wanted to practice wings so this happened…

coriolanus watercolour

Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus – ink pen and watercolours

coriolanus blood

Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus – black and red inks

ice dragon ice dragon detail

Ice Dragon – digital painting, second image is a detail shot!


Knight doodle – ink pen and sharpie

destiel destiel cropped

Castiel and Dean from the TV show Supernatural – ink pen, again, wanted to do wings.


Molten Dragon – ink pens, gold and black inks


Knight – Ink pen and watercolours, I wanted to draw swooshy lines….

toad mage

Disgruntled Toad Mage – ink pen and coloured markers

moss dragon

Moss Dragon – ink pen and watercolours

Wonderful Automaton Blokes


Today I am posting a lot of the Steam Powered Giraffe fanart I have created in the past couple months! Steam Powered Giraffe is a band from San Diego, that I have recently discovered and fallen in love with their music and whole look. They dress and act as vintage robots, with whole backstories and histories. They put a lot of effort into creating their characters, and are exquisitely created with face paint, costumes, and mime work. To see more of them check out their website and youtube. I will post a description beneath each piece of artwork. Thank you for looking! Leave a comment with your thoughts!



All painted digitally in Corel Painter, and a bit in Photoshop


Sharpie on toned paper


Sharpie and white pen on toned paper

Sharpie and white pen on toned paper


Sharpie and white pen on toned paper


Sharpie and white pen on toned paper


Sharpie on marker paper

spine final

Grey markers on paper, those markers smell so bad augh.


Sharpie on bristol paper, with much pain of the wrist.


Vector illustrations, created in Illustrator


Digitally painted in Corel Painter, one day when I was bored.


Digitally painted in Photoshop


Sharpie and white pen on toned paper

rabbit smirk

Sharpie and white pen on toned paper


Digitally painted in photohshop


Same as above, just tweaked the colours, and couldn’t decide which I liked more :)


Digitally painted in Photoshop


Sharpie and white pen on toned paper

armour spine 2

Digitally painted in Corel Painter, with texture added overtop

Congratulations on making it all the way to the end! I really appreciate it! Thank you for looking!


Art Dump!

Today is a post with random personal pieces that I have completed on my down/bored time! I will explain each piece as a caption. Thanks for looking!


OCTOPUS FIGHT! Vector, completed in Illustrator. I should do vector more often, I really enjoy it!


Merlin, played by Colin Morgan. Pencil and white pen on brown paper. This kid is harder to draw than he looks!


Matt Smith as The Doctor from Doctor Who. all pencil.


Vector Lumberjacks. I got bored.


Horse Skull. created with grey markers that smell really bad.

dragonpsd copy

Rainforest Dragon. All painted digitally in Corel Painter. I had doodled this guy a few months ago, and just got around to painting him.


Dinosaur skull, coloured pencil on blue paper.



David Tennant as The Doctor from Doctor Who. extremely difficult to draw. extremely.

Thanks for looking! I have another art dump coming up, as well as some more photography! Thank you for all your likes so far!
Comment and let me know what you think!


Random Personal Pieces





Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe (painting in photoshop, 1.5hrs)


Dragon doodle vectorized (illustrator, worked on it off and on around “real” work)


Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe (the only way to travel is with a jetpaaaaack)(pencil sketch, colour in photoshop)

bunny hatchy spine

vector Steam Powered Giraffe, Rabbit, Hatchworth, The Spine (from top to bottom) (illustrator)


The Spine from Steam Powered Giraffe, he is fun to draw ^_^ (pencil sketch, about an hour)

Just a few pieces I do around (or instead of) my homework. Been trying to break through some massive art block, so dragons and singing robots are perfect! Thank you for looking!