“I just finished a huge painting let’s do ANOTHER HUGE PAINTING”

Cause that is ALWAYS a good idea!

At least this time I painted with Acrylic, and did something a little less intense!

I got motivated a couple sundays ago, I did this whole thing in one day! This is a 16×20 board canvas, painted with acrylic paints. I have missed doing horses, so this was a lot of fun! Other than all that mane. Goodness.

I have posted the work-in-progress shots below (and I was “livestreaming” it on my facebook page as it happened) as well as the final piece with some detail shots!

Thanks for looking!

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Initial Sketch
Initial Sketch
fiy horses are orange and purple. And trees are kinda purple too.
fiy horses are orange and purple. And trees are kinda purple too.
filling in some grass. Not all of it. I'm not that crazy.
filling in some grass. Not all of it. I’m not that crazy.
Getting to fun stuff like NOSES!
Getting to fun stuff like NOSES!
slooooowly filling in all that mane. Apparently I AM that crazy...
slooooowly filling in all that mane. Apparently I AM that crazy…
Looks good to me!
Looks good to me!

Tyson Painting
Tyson Painting eyes Tyson Painting nose


Snowy Juncos

I had a snow day so NO WORK WOOT! I took the time to work on embroidery, add some details to a dragon oil painting, and do this quick painting! Juncos are such a cute bird. Little grey bird orbs. This probably took me a couple hours from start to finish. Acrylic paint on 8×10 canvas board. Thanks for looking! More soon!

junco painting

King Under the Mountain

Oh this poor neglected blog. Sorry WordPress but Tumblr and Facebook are just sooo much easier to update!

Anyway, here is another Hobbit painting I finished a little while ago! This one is acrylic paint on canvas board. I really like how this one turned out, so he is custom framed and hanging on my wall! I forgot how much of a pain mountains are….landscapes are not my strongest area. At least trees and fur are fun!

Thank you for looking! Check out this piece on my society6 page, he looks really good on a phone!

The finished piece!
The finished piece!
Initial sketch..
Initial sketch..
blocking out colours
blocking out colours
Finished the tree part of the background!
Finished the tree part of the background!
FINALLY figured out that mountain
FINALLY figured out that mountain
The phone case on society6! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer
The phone case on society6!
Tote bag on society6! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer
Tote bag on society6! http://society6.com/lydiajoypalmer

A Plethora of Art


Today I am sharing a bunch of pieces that I have completed over the past few weeks. I tend to upload to just my Facebook or Tumblr and forget all about this poor blog!

I will put descriptions under each piece. Thank you for looking! Most pieces (and more!) are available at my shop!



Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus – Ink pens

legolas and gimli

Legolas and Gimli for Valentine’s Day :)

lava dragon

Lava Dragon – Acrylic painting

two dragons coloured

Two Dragons – ink pen and watercolours

gold dragon

Gold skull dragon – ink pen and watercolours

dragon bird

Winged Dragon – ink pen and blue ink. I wanted to practice wings so this happened…

coriolanus watercolour

Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus – ink pen and watercolours

coriolanus blood

Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus – black and red inks

ice dragon ice dragon detail

Ice Dragon – digital painting, second image is a detail shot!


Knight doodle – ink pen and sharpie

destiel destiel cropped

Castiel and Dean from the TV show Supernatural – ink pen, again, wanted to do wings.


Molten Dragon – ink pens, gold and black inks


Knight – Ink pen and watercolours, I wanted to draw swooshy lines….

toad mage

Disgruntled Toad Mage – ink pen and coloured markers

moss dragon

Moss Dragon – ink pen and watercolours

White Tailed Deer in Acrylic


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I unfortunately lost my job right before Christmas, but I see it as an opportunity to find a job I really enjoy, and to focus more on my personal artwork and business! I am always accepting commissions or requests for  prints! Feel free to email me (lydiajoypalmer@gmail.com) or contact me at my Facebook page! I also have an online shop with prints, bags, shirts, phone covers, and more!

Yesterday I completed a new painting! My family and I had an up-close encounter with some “wild” deer at a local park, so I took lots of photos then, and decided to paint one! I will probably upload the reference photos soon!

Here are my steps and the final painting at the bottom! Thank you for looking!


under painting…


more under painting – they always start out looking so horrible aaahhhh.


moving along…


Deer have a lot of hair…


mostly finished!

deer painting

Final painting! Prints are available if you are interested :) Thank you!

Cuttleshark Attack!


Last weekend I put in the effort and did a painting, to unwind a bit.  It’s nice to create something and finish it! The painting started with a small doodle in my notebook, and I liked it enough to make it a finished painting. Completely done with Acrylic paints on a 11×14 canvas board. I have posted all the steps under the cut, I took photos with my phone as I was working. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!


cuttleshark doodle

initial doodle!tumblr_mroq4wwA3o1rx8fiio1_500

getting started! I have the doodle and a larger sketch next to the canvas I worked ontumblr_mroqidjA7k1rx8fiio1_500

line art done on the canvas!tumblr_mroyqwnI981rx8fiio1_500

ugly base coat woottumblr_mrozo8zIJO1rx8fiio1_500

more ugly base coat. tumblr_mrp5u8b5s71rx8fiio1_500

starting some shading and cloudstumblr_mrp7n8nWDn1rx8fiio1_500


more details! fighting a boat bleh.tumblr_mrpckn5XY71rx8fiio1_500

glowy and splashy!IMG_6476

Finished product!