365 Challenge – fanart and flowers and a DINOSAUR.

Another week! Still some rough days but I’m getting the hang of it!

Bucky with coffee and a hairbun 😍
Day out at the Amherstburg Uncommon Festival! Stories and birds!
I bought some beauuutiful sunflowers!
My Panda cat!
Clever blue girl!
Mossy forest queen
Cosplay props! Stained the paper with tea first and then used ink overtop

Thats all for this week! Thanks for looking!


365 Challenge – what’s a blog I don’t know

I am so good at keeping a blog schedule. Here’s 7 more!

We are raising EIGHT caterpillars right now and we already have FIVE chrysalis!
Some of my favourite things in my room!
Finished commission!! Message me if you want a pet portrait!
Couple of my favourite rocks! Rose quartz and rainbow moonstone
Happy birthday Harry Potter!
Swan from Stratford! Willows are so romantic.

Thank you for looking!

365 Challenge – sick days

I was sick for a solid week so i fell a few days behind, not sure how many…

Here are the next 7 pieces!

Unicorns all the time
My guy Legolas
Happy shark week! Cute little bamboo shark
Some whale sharks! These guys are up in my society6 as tights! http://www.society6.com/lydiajoypalmer
Checking out the Star Wars exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Art again!
Missing mountains
Princess Diana <3

Thank you for looking!

365 Challenge – Last of the Junicorn

FINALLY finished Junicorn! It was a fun challenge but it will be nice to do something different!

Orchid kid.
Fungi boy!
Lilac lady
Buttercups with leftover acrylic paints
Daisy lipizzaner
Happy Canada Day!

All finished!! Go watch my facebook page (www.facebook.com/lydiapalmerart) for a Junicorn sticker sheet!

Thanks for looking!