365 Challenge – September is over!

What a month. It was all a lot of fun but I’m ready to relax now. Too bad INKTOBER starts! Which I am also excited for so like no harm.

Bee lady before vacation!
Handsome carriage horses on Mackinac Island
Cutest pony you ever did see on Mackinac
Playing around with some ink colours
Dreamy space ponies!
Slytherin and Hufflepuff! Both are sold already :o
Griffendor and Ravenclaw! Both are still available if you are interested!
Ghostly stallion
Comic con! Did a lot of artwork at my table to catch up a bit!
Wonder Woman
Toothless commission!
Enemy Ace commission! I never draw planes so this one was challenging.
Captain Marvel for funzies
Lil Loki sketch.

Thats about 2 weeks there but I wanted it all posted before Inktober this month! Are you excited? Will you buy a book if I sell them again?

Thanks for looking!


365 Challenge – Every Weekend is Busy!!

September is a busyyyy month. But October is also Inktober but hopefully less busy? For inktober, what do you think of a little booklet on the wildlife in ojibway?

Little starry ray
Planets idk
Moon for the cover of my art journal. Space theme this week apparently
Renaissance Festival sketches!
This ticks all my boxes
Cute beekeeper lady!
Some Legend of Zelda for Windsor ComiCon! The original will be for sale at the show :)

Thanks for looking! Come visit me at Windsor ComiCon!

365 Challenge – Titles are Hard.

Doing this challenge really shows how much i ebb and flow. Ebbs are hard. Flows are frustrating cause i work full time.

Fairy doodles
Gonna quit my job and be a forest witch.
Marceline and Bubblegum from Adventure Time
Spaaaace Cat!
Summertime snacks
Ariel from The Tempest.
Hippogriff patronus!

Thank you for looking!

365 Challenge – fanart and flowers and a DINOSAUR.

Another week! Still some rough days but I’m getting the hang of it!

Bucky with coffee and a hairbun 😍
Day out at the Amherstburg Uncommon Festival! Stories and birds!
I bought some beauuutiful sunflowers!
My Panda cat!
Clever blue girl!
Mossy forest queen
Cosplay props! Stained the paper with tea first and then used ink overtop

Thats all for this week! Thanks for looking!