365 Challenge – 2 weeks catchup.

Been pretty productive for these two weeks!

Happy 2019! Prints coming soon!
Sometimes you just gotta draw a horse.
Crow Queen. Prints coming soon of this one too!
Toady boys
Watching Daredevil a lot again
My friend has Breath of the Wild and its sooo beautiful
More toads <3 i love them
Just another horse
Iguana sketches from Colisanti’s
Shape challenge! Make random shapes and then make them into something!
This beautiful piece of Citrine is $400 and i want it <3

Thank you for looking!


365 Challenge – Goodbye 2018

Finally off on Christmas break just in time to hit some artblock

Slytherin cluster
First attempts at some block printing!
Spidey doodles!
Mary Poppins. the new movie is so cute!
Miles and Gwen, go see the new movie!!
Peter Parker
Hogwarts 💜

I want to update my etsy with new prints, what would you like to see in my shop?

Thanks for looking :)

365 Challenge – beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Update! More inks, some watercolour and gouache, and a lot of pets!

Dragon ball.
Dinosaur! Wanted to play with this new watercolour pallette
Pet commission!! Cute little Chichi!
Back home with my kitty!
More reindeer games
The plant kids i currently have in my room!
The critters i was babysitting last week! These were a gift for the owner :)

That’s it! We getting up there, I think I am up to day 243 now!! Thanks for looking!

365 Challenge – All I Do is Ink.

Spent a week house sitting for a friend so I was limited to my ink pens for 5 days. And some watercolours while playing with teacup yorkies.

Christmas Unicorns
Finished Lilac commission!
Pearl mermaid
Snowy unicorn
Mysterious stranger.

Thank you for looking! Ideally my next post will be on Christmas!

365 Challenge – Seeing Double

Got a smidge art blocked early in this week but I’m getting through it! Doing 2 pieces a day sometimes, trying to remember what i like to draw and just do that!

New pink pen calls for crabs
Christmas art! New gouache paint experimenting
Some sketches and stuff.
Finished commission!
New watercolour paper testing!

Thats all for this week! Thanks for looking!


365 Challenge – What Consistancy?

Finally getting around to making this post! Been busy with commissions, Toronto trip, and work in general!

Leafy horse
Finished cat portrait!! Loved working on these cuties
Went on a rock bender on etsy and drew them instead of spending a bajillion dollars.
Been on a moth kick lately
Got this little 100 year old book on Rodin sculptures!
Moths and shrooms
MORE moths
Dinosaur fossil from the Royal Ontario Museum! Went with a friend for her birthday and it was a LOT of fun!

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Thank you for looking!