365 Challenge – More Junicorn!

About halfway through June, staaarting to get bored of it but I think I can make it! Thank you for looking!

More air plant unicorns!
Gouache break! My markers are dying.
Daisy girl!
Field trip with my friend Micaiah!
Watercolour pencil break!
Sunflower boi.

365 Challenge – Junicorn!

This week is more Junicorn posts! Been having a lot of fun with this challenge, and its nice to not have to overthink art everyday!

PLUS i have an etsy store!! I recently put up some prints from the first month of my 365 challenge as well as a couple originals! I also have stickers, cheap prints, and booklets up there!

http://www.etsy.com/shop/lydiajoypalmer every order gets some free goodies thrown in!

Junicorn 3 – lilac
Junicorn 4 – nightshade
Junicorn 5 – zebracorn
Junicorn 6 – rosy
Junicorn 7 – rhodadendron
Junicorn 8 – ferns and smudges
Junicorn 9 – orange lavender
Etsy shop!! Click the pic to check out the goods!

Thank you for looking! Comment your favourite flower and it might make it into a junicorn piece!


365 Day Challenge: Week 7? I think?

Starting this on my birthday seemed like a great idea but it is very hard to keep track of where I am!! I will keep posting roughly once a week anyway.

Captain Handsome <3
Spent the day drawing from life at Ripleys Aquarium in Toronto
Solo was good but not as good as these two
Ojibway Gang ft. My brother’s hand.
Junicorn day 1 – no one told me about this challenge wow.
Junicorn 2 – yellow

365 Day Challenge: A Whole Month!

I think I am still a couple days off but whatever. Still plugging away!

Deer in ink!
Shark in ink!
Whale whale.
Coupla wild horses!
Bucky. Again ;)
Sam Gamgee in his garden!
I had a visitor while I was working outside! She came to snack on the cat food!

That’s another week done! Which one has been your favourite so far?


365 Challenge Week 4

I am ONE day behind but hopefully I can make up for it this weekend!

Without further ado:

More mermay!
Four little birdies! Available for $30 each or $100 for all 4!
Hello I have a giant crush on Sebastian Stan.
I got a new pad of canvas sheets so I did some experimenting! This is available on http://www.society6.com/lydiajoypalmer
I have many Steve and Bucky feels. This is like the 3rd time drawing them in this challenge.
Black Panther came out this week! Okoye is the coolest.
Got stuck in a bit of an art rut, so used the #threemoji challenge to break it up a bit. 🌿🌌🐎

Thats it for this week! I am hoping to update my etsy soon with some print bundles or something! What would you like to see in my shop?

What was your favourite piece from this week?

Cheers, Lydia

365 Challenge Week 3: almost a month in!

Another day another blog post!

Let’s get right to the good stuff:

1. Steve and Bucky: best bros 4ever.

2. Han and Leia for Star Wars day!

3. Ironman sketches. I never draw mech.

4. Went out to the marina and sketched some boats in the rain!

5. My bust of Apollo in ink.

6. Buffalo buffalo buffalo

7 & 8 technically. Mermay fashionistas.

Thank you for looking! Comment your favourite movie that I should watch!

365 Challenge: Week 2

aaand I’m already behind on posting NICE.

Anyway here are the 7 pieces from last week!

1, periwinkle in gouache. My favourite little flowers!

2. Comic Con day in Chatham so a Valkyrie and a pretzel!

3. A quick deer.

4. Spiderman doodles cause artblock

5. Rays!

6. The handsomest man.

7. Mermay started!

Thats all for last week! Hopefully I can keep on top of blog posting! Otherwise my instagram is always updated so check over there!

Thanks for looking! Tell me your favourite in the comments!