For the Birds + Free Shipping promotion!


I have been pretty busy lately, working on a lot of geeky pieces for some upcoming conventions, marathoning obscene amounts of How I Met Your Mother, and creating some nature/animal pieces for a Migration Festival! I will be sharing those pieces with you today. Finished 2 acrylic paintings and a Inking piece, shown below!

I also have new artwork in my shop!
Thranduil, Walking Dead, Winter Soldier, Joker, Legend of Zelda, and other prettiness available to purchase on a variety of objects! Thank you for looking!
There is also a promotion on right now, free shipping plus $10 off new Duvet covers!
Click this link to get the free shipping!

Examples below! Click the above link or the image below to get the free shipping promotion!

Shop examples
Click the image for the promotion!


Canada Goose – 9×12 mixed media paper, completed with ink pen.


Common Loon – 8×10 canvas, acrylic paint



Swimming in Green – 9×12 canvas, acrylic paint


Thank you for looking! More soon!


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