Flies and Spiders

Hello all!

Over the past couple days I completed some Hobbit fanart! I saw the movie 4 times and I had to get some art out of my system! I completed it on 11×14 mixed media paper, with calligraphy pen, black ink, and watercolours overtop. Spiderwebs are a lot of work. I have this piece available for sale up on my online shop! You can get this piece as a print, on shirts, bags, pillows, and more! Society6 also has art available on clocks!

Thank you for looking! More dragon art coming soon!


hobbit wip

works in progress from my Instagram

hobbit spiders ink

Final inks, pre-watercolour!

hobbit spidersall finished!


Bags in my shop!

8795520_1251798-tsrmw115_b 8795520_1251798-tsrww127_b

Shirts! They run small so get a size up


Clocks available now :)

Thank you for looking! Lydia.


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