White Tailed Deer in Acrylic


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I unfortunately lost my job right before Christmas, but I see it as an opportunity to find a job I really enjoy, and to focus more on my personal artwork and business! I am always accepting commissions or requests for  prints! Feel free to email me (lydiajoypalmer@gmail.com) or contact me at my Facebook page! I also have an online shop with prints, bags, shirts, phone covers, and more!

Yesterday I completed a new painting! My family and I had an up-close encounter with some “wild” deer at a local park, so I took lots of photos then, and decided to paint one! I will probably upload the reference photos soon!

Here are my steps and the final painting at the bottom! Thank you for looking!


under painting…


more under painting – they always start out looking so horrible aaahhhh.


moving along…


Deer have a lot of hair…


mostly finished!

deer painting

Final painting! Prints are available if you are interested :) Thank you!


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