Cuttleshark Attack!


Last weekend I put in the effort and did a painting, to unwind a bit.  It’s nice to create something and finish it! The painting started with a small doodle in my notebook, and I liked it enough to make it a finished painting. Completely done with Acrylic paints on a 11×14 canvas board. I have posted all the steps under the cut, I took photos with my phone as I was working. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!


cuttleshark doodle

initial doodle!tumblr_mroq4wwA3o1rx8fiio1_500

getting started! I have the doodle and a larger sketch next to the canvas I worked ontumblr_mroqidjA7k1rx8fiio1_500

line art done on the canvas!tumblr_mroyqwnI981rx8fiio1_500

ugly base coat woottumblr_mrozo8zIJO1rx8fiio1_500

more ugly base coat. tumblr_mrp5u8b5s71rx8fiio1_500

starting some shading and cloudstumblr_mrp7n8nWDn1rx8fiio1_500


more details! fighting a boat bleh.tumblr_mrpckn5XY71rx8fiio1_500

glowy and splashy!IMG_6476

Finished product!




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