Art Dump!

Today is a post with random personal pieces that I have completed on my down/bored time! I will explain each piece as a caption. Thanks for looking!


OCTOPUS FIGHT! Vector, completed in Illustrator. I should do vector more often, I really enjoy it!


Merlin, played by Colin Morgan. Pencil and white pen on brown paper. This kid is harder to draw than he looks!


Matt Smith as The Doctor from Doctor Who. all pencil.


Vector Lumberjacks. I got bored.


Horse Skull. created with grey markers that smell really bad.

dragonpsd copy

Rainforest Dragon. All painted digitally in Corel Painter. I had doodled this guy a few months ago, and just got around to painting him.


Dinosaur skull, coloured pencil on blue paper.



David Tennant as The Doctor from Doctor Who. extremely difficult to draw. extremely.

Thanks for looking! I have another art dump coming up, as well as some more photography! Thank you for all your likes so far!
Comment and let me know what you think!



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